Small Animal MRI Facility has ~800 square feet of space. The 9.4T/30-cm horizontal bore MRI system is equipped with a BGA-9S gradient insert and various types of RF coils, allowing high resolution structural and functional MRI applications. MR-compatible physiological monitoring systems are available to provide real-time respiratory rate, end-tidal CO2, oxygen saturation, heart rate, blood pressure, rectal temperature, EEG and ECG recording during experiment.



Surgery Lab has ~150 square feet of space for stereotactic surgery. This room has two ceiling mounted LED operating surgical light and a stereo zoom microscope, a gas anesthesia system, a digital David Kopf small animal stereotaxic system, a computer workstation, a small animal ventilator, surgical equipment and several animal physiology monitors.



Electrophysiology & Immunohistochemistry Lab has ~200 square feet of space for stereotactic surgery and in vivo electrophysiological recording. This room is fully EM shielded with independent ground. Available equipment includes, but not limited to, a Blackrock Cerebus 32-channel electrophysiology system with a dedicated Faraday cage, a digital microscope, a confocal fluorescent microscope, a gas anesthesia system, a David Kopf – Neurostar robot stereotaxic system, a computer workstation, two small animal ventilators, several animal physiology monitors, several electrical stimulators/lasers for brain stimulation and optogenetic studies.



Hardware & Chemistry Lab has ~200 square feet of space for MR-coil, electrodes, and optical accessories fabrication. This room is also used for our in-house MR contrast agent development. This lab is equipped with a RF sweeper, a multimeter, a capacitance meter, an oscilloscope, a soldering station, a rotary tool kit, two heat guns, and several equipment for chemical synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles.



Behavior Lab has ~100 square feet of space used for rodent behavioral studies. This room is sound insulated and is equipped with two computer workstations, an open-field behavior box, a pasta grabbing task behavior box, a Vulintus motor press/pull device with an automated pellet dispenser for quantitative measurement of behavioral function.