Recent News

2016 We are funded with the Kash and Besheer labs for a 5-year grant from NIAAA studying the causal role of brain circuits and molecules that are activated by low dose alcohol (R01 AA025582). Dan successfully defends his thesis in August. Maggie receives Enoch Gordis Research Recognition Award from the Research Society on Alcoholism. Dan[…]

Lab Position Openings

We are currently seeking highly motivated Postdoctoral Research Associates interested in projects described above. We are also recruiting potential PhD students (admission through UNC BBSP or BME program). Please contact Dr. Shih ( for more information.

Ongoing Project

1) Mapping selective neural circuitry using optogenetic and chemogenetic fMRI. 2) Identifying circuit mechanisms of deep brain stimulation therapy in Parkinson’s disease. 3) Dissecting neural and astrocytic contribution to fMRI signals. 4) Imaging cortical spreading depolarizations (CSDs) and the impact of tPA on CSDs after stroke. 5) Unraveling the source of negative fMRI signals in[…]