Research  Laboratory

Our lab uses multimodal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologies to study neural circuitry and neurovascular coupling in rodent models.MORE

Service  Core

Our core provides a wide variety of small animal MRI services to investigators within or outside UNC.MORE

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Marsico Hall, 125 Mason Farm Rd,
Chapel Hill, NC 27599 (CB# 7513)

9.4 Tesla MRI facility: SB221
Surgery lab: SB231
Hardware/Chemistry lab: B214
Electrophysiology lab: B216
Behavior lab: B219
Office (lab members): B254
Office (Ian Shih): B212

Office(Ian Shih) : 919-843-4729
Office(Lab) : 919-966-9076
Core Service : 919-966-2855
9.4T : 919-843-7824